Hip Pain Causes

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Causes of Hip Pain

If you have hip pain, then it could be down to a number of causes, so getting to discover what is the cause of the pain is important.

The good news is that once the correct diagnosis has been made, the source of the problem found and the appropriate treatment or management plan prescribed, then pain relief will effectively be reduced in most cases.

The main causes of Hip Pain

There are many reasons, but in my own experience, there are four main underlying sources and causes of hip pain. When a client presents with pain in the hip - and following an initial diagnosis - it usually comes down to one of the following reasons:

There are also other causes of hip pain, such as hip flexor injuries and Hip Fractures, or bruising of the hip. Bursitis in the hip is also a cause, as is having flat fleet.

For non traumatic injuries, I don’’t think of pain killers and anti-inflammatories when I think of relieving hip pain. I think of positioning, exercises, mobilisation therapy and strengthening. These are the things that lead to the long term solution of your hip pain.

You may require pain relief in the form of medication in the early stages of your pain, but my advice is that you seek pain relief in the long term through exercises and positioning. 80% of my hip pain patients respond well to exercises and manual therapy. Even those requiring hip replacements find relief from well-taught and supervised exercises.

After a major accident when I was 21 years of age and I damaged my hip to the point of no repair - according to my doctors - I have managed to achieve a full range of movement and minimal pain with exercises over the past 16 years. So, seek and you will find the correct exercises and relief for your hip pain without excess medication.

Ultimately, success in relieving your hip pain lies in the correct diagnosis and appropriate exercise management.

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