Upper Back Pain

Articles researched and written by Sally Ann Quirke, a fully qualified professional chartered Physiotherapist based in Ireland.

Causes and Treatment of Upper Back Muscle Pain

Your upper back is anatomically connected with your neck, mid-back and shoulders - which provides for lots of possible problems at such a busy intersection! This is one of the reasons why upper back pain is so common. It can be associated with pain in your shoulder and neck, or you may just have upper back alone.

Though generally not as common as lower back pain, Upper back pain is a condition that I frequently treat in my physiotherapy clinic, particularly for people who work at desk jobs or spend a lot of time on their tablets or smartphones.

In fact, I find that the most significant contribution to upper back pain is poor sitting posture. Around 90% of upper back pain clients that I treat have pain arising from poor sitting posture which they maintain over long periods of time.

If you would like to find out what could be causing your upper back pain, then read - the Causes of Upper Back Pain

If you have had a pain in the upper back that has lasted for longer than six weeks, read Chronic Back Pain

Finally, upper Back Pain can be managed with posture exercises and exercises for Back Pain,

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Causes of Upper Back Pain »

Upper Back Pain Causes

Upper back pain can result from a variety of reasons, but in my experience, Poor Posture is one of the most common causes.

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Neck and Upper Back Pain »

Neck Pain

The most common presentation of neck and upper back pain that I see are due to stiffness in the upper back and poor neck posture, particularly from people who spend too much time looking into their phones, tablets and laptops!

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Upper Back Pain Lungs »

back and chest pain

Careful diagnosis of Upper back and lung pain is essential - never ignore upper back pain if you have a lung condition, a history of same in your family, or if you feel short of breath.

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Upper Left vs Upper Right Back Pain »

Upper Back Pain

This can occur if we favour the right arm more than the left arm - or vice-versa - repetitively over time. However, there are many other causes of one-sided upper back pain.

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