Muscle Spasms

Back Pain Muscle Spasms:

Causes of - and treatment for - Muscle Spasms in Your back. Back Pain Muscle Spasms: Do you get sharp spasms of pain associated with your back pain?

These sharp pains are generally muscle spasms. Muscle spasm is where there is a persistent increase in tension in muscle fibres - often associated with shortening of the muscle and pain.

You might ask what causes a muscle spasm? There can be many causes for your muscle spasms, and muscle spasms vary in severity from mild cramping-like symptoms, to severe pain and tightness. In the worst cases, I have seen clients rolling around in pain.

The spasms I treat on a daily basis at my physiotherapy clinic are rapid uncontrolled contractions which happen very suddenly, and my clients tell me they sometimes occur for no apparent reason at all. I commonly call these spasms “secondary muscle spasms” as they are usually a secondary symptom of another underlying injury or condition.

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Back Muscle Spasms causes and treatments

Back Pain Muscle Spasms: Why do Muscle Spasms occur - and how to treat them!

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