Useful Resources for You

The following are resources that many of my clients have found useful. I have divided them into:

  • Links to resources related to pain and injury management

  • Links to resources related to specific sports and activities - resources that can help you develop a technique to prevent injury in the future.

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Manage Back Pain - For trusted back pain relief information. Hints and tips on back pain relief and management following injury. Written by an established Physiotherapist.

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Useful Back Pain Relief and injury recovery Websites

The following are links to websites that I have found very informative and useful for back pain relief and recovery from sports and other injuries. I hope you will find them equally valuable.

CranioSacral Therapy is one of the healing modalities that I use frequently in my own physiotherapy practice. The reason is simple - it relies on a very light touch, and it gets results when it comes to the healing of back-related symptoms. Carina Collins is a Craniosacral therapist based in Cork, Ireland and she has put together an extensive website offering lot’s of detail on this particular approach as well as lots of case-studies - including approaches to using craniosacral therapy for back pain.

Tendonitis Expert

Joshua Tucker has a rather wonderful website dealing with a particularily painful subject - Tendonitis! You may know tendonitis as “Golfers Elbow”, “Tennis Elbow”, “Plantar Fasciitis”, or “Rotator Cuff Tendonitis” - all meaning the same condition, just in different locations. The nice thing about Joshua’s site is that he presents lots of answers to your questions - in the form of writen replies, ebooks and DVDs.

A visit to the Tendonitis Expert is well worth it!

This is a great resource site run by an old classmate of mine - Paula Fitzpatrick. On the surface the content may look quite similar to my own website, but you will find that Paulas’ style and approach are quite different - and I am quite happy to recommend this site as a place to continue your research on all things related to lower back pain.

If you want to find out more about The Alexander Technique - I suggest that you visit this site . It is run by Robert Rickover who is a teacher of the Alexander Technique in Lincoln, Nebraska. You will find very useful background information for The Alexander Technique as well as lots of resources such as where to find a local teacher and workshops. Highly recommended!

This is a real interesting site - written by a psychiatrist who specialises in the treatment of chronic pain. However, the writer has a special empathy as she is a chronic pain sufferer also.

Useful Sports and other activities Websites

The following are links to sports and other activities (gardening) websites that I recommend to my clients. I hope you will find them equally valuable.

You don’t have to be a Mom - or even be female - to get lot’s of great running tips and advice from Anna on her website. It’s packed with great information on how to stay healthy (and sane) while enjoying the wonderful exercise and pleasure of running.

All About Tennis

Tennis information, trivia, and tips about anything related to tennis. Includes history of tennis, tail tennis clothing, and women’s tennis apparel tips.

Other Sites of Interest

Here is a resource that I have found invaluable in building my business - both offline and online - and may be of interest to other therapists and healthcare professionals who want to do the same. It’s a Business Coaching company run by Mike Collins and the nice thing is that you can sign up free for his weekly Business Coaching Tips - I have followed a number of his tips directly and it has had a great effect on my own business. Top quality, practical and profitable advice!