About Physiotherapy and Back Pain Relief

And Sally Ann Quirke, BSc.(Hons). MISCP MCSP Cst-t

Sally Ann Quirke, Chartered Physiotherapist and author of managebackpain.com

I am fortunate to study and work within the profession of Physiotherapy which I both love and understand dearly. I am a fully trained and qualified Chartered Phyisotherapist. I graduated with a Batchelor of Science (Honours) in Physiotherapy in 1995. I’m a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (M.I.S.C.P) and of the Chartered Physiotherapists in Private Practice (CPPP).

My journey began when I went overseas to study for my degree in physiotherapy as I knew it was the career for me! At the young age of 17 I headed away from home to start the most exciting stage of my life.

From the outset my particular interest was always with learning more about - and helping people with - back pain management.

At first, I struggled with some other aspects of physiotherapy, for example chest physiotherapy, as I spent all my time reading and experiencing orthopaedic conditions and treatments.

I even had the good fortune to meet a spectacular physiotherapist who allowed me to spend my half days off from college following him around, which inspired and exposed me greatly to the work from the outset. I had found my niche!

And then my own learning moved up a notch!

I was involved in a bad accident in 1995 which left me with a lot of immediate Back and Neck Pain. I found that my understanding of mechanical and the closely related emotional dysfunction was deepened significantly as a result of the related chronic back pain and later emotional-related problems.

Thankfully, all of my problems were resolved with the help of all the above therapies, and the learning I experienced personally as a result of this accident has helped considerably in moulding my approach as a therapist - both practically and emotionally - of helping other people with their Back Pain Management.

Since that time I have studied every aspect of back and neck pain to expose myself to all the ideas out there. As I progressed in my understanding and confidence, I also trained as a Pilates instructor and a CranioSacral Therapist to complement my more formal medical approach.

I teach muscle imbalance workshops to local hospitals and practices - which involves the assessment and alterations of poor posture, alignment and function. I also teach Pilates instructors clinical courses so as to help them better understand their client’s back and neck pain problems. This provides them with a link between Pilates and Physiotherapy.

It is from this exposure and study that I have created and designed my own method of handling and managing spinal pain.

Fermoy Physiotherapy Clinic
Sally Ann outside her Clinic in Fermoy

Fermoy Physiotherapy Clinic

In order to practically apply these concepts I have run a busy private Physiotherapy practice since 1998. In the practice, I have had the honour of meeting many wonderful people I watch and help them get through difficult stages in their life due to back and neck pain. To all my valued clients I owe my knowledge. Thank you.

Through my own experience of back pain and from the conditions my patients present, I have learnt how complex back pain can be. It spans emotional, physical and psychological issues and I have come to realise that you cannot treat one aspect successfully without treating them all together.

In my practice I use:

  • Physiotherapy for the physical aspects.
  • Craniosacral Therapy for the physical and emotional aspects.
  • Pilates for the psychological and physical aspects.

and my learning with other valuable therapies such as behavioural therapies, meditation, relaxation and spiritual therapy have exposed me to the vastness of ways to support people with back pain.

Personally it worked for me and thankfully I have a number of clients for whom it also works well.

I set up this website - managebackpain.com - to initially help my own clients. To help them make better decisions when managing their back and associated pain. Since then, it has grown and grown - and I hope that you find the information relevant and useful to your particular condition.

So, please feel free to browse around my Back Pain Management website and learn more about an innovative approach to Back Pain Relief - learn how it has helped many others.