Health Benefits of running

By Sally Ann Quirke, Chartered Physiotherapist | Filed under: Fitness and Back Pain


Why is running good for your health?

Why go running?

There are so many health benefits that running offers. As I work with clients on back pain prevention and management, I see those benefits both in myself and my clients on a daily basis.

Running is - in my opinion - a great form of exercise and source of well-being!! I started running ten years ago, when I decided that I wanted to do triathlons!! I have not stopped running since. I do not consider myself a natural runner, although I have completed a marathon and about 60 triathlons! I do not have, in theory, the correct physique for running and find that I am prone to injuries that a true “running physique” would not get.

There is an efficient running physique. This is the thin, flexible, matchstick-like body that is designed to run! If you naturally have this make-up, you are away!! I rarely see serious injuries in runners with this physique.

Those of us with a “chunkier”, heavier body type may respond well to road running, especially if you have good joints, muscle length, running technique, running posture as well as good running shoes. If, however, you have a poor physique for running, combined with poor running technique and flexibility, you are more likely to get injuries related to running. You may also have breakdown if you push your miles and training too much. Seek advice from a chartered physiotherapist as to what you have to do to lower your risk of injury.

You can change your body type somewhat with awareness and exercises. It is always worth working towards this, as it will reduce the risk and extent of injuries you will get from running.

If you have prepared well and are training effectively, the benefits of running are huge. Cardio-vascular fitness, weight loss and psychological well-being, are but a few of the good feelings I receive weekly from my running.

As with all sports, my advice is if you are going to run, do it well! Seek professional advice from a chartered physiotherapist or runner to improve your technique and performance. By doing this you will reduce your injuries - enjoy!!!!

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