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Articles researched and written by Sally Ann Quirke, a fully qualified professional chartered Physiotherapist based in Ireland.

Back Pain Relief - Which Products Really work?

There are a lot of back pain relief products available - it is a fact that most of us who suffer back pain will spend a lot a money and TRY ANYTHING to get a few hours of back pain relief.

But which back pain relief product will help you most with your pain prevention, management and relief?

Although I rarely use relief products as the main form of back pain treatment in my physiotherapy practice - there are plenty of products out there - medication, heat packs, collars and even more expensive products like back stretchers, acupressure mats and massage chairs. Many products are available online, and some are marketed quite heavily on TV, radio and here on the internet.

If you are considering buying products to relieve your back pain, then I would recommend that you first understand what is causing your back pain first, and then consider if that product is going to help you. Consult a suitably qualified medical professional, such as a Doctor or Chartered Physiotherapist first and get them to review the product to see if it is appropriate for your condition.

This section contains a review of back pain relief products, from my own perspective. When you should consider using them and when is it appropriate to do so.

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Back Pain Relief - Product Review »

This section will contain reviews of back pain relief products.

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