Articles researched and written by Sally Ann Quirke, a fully qualified professional chartered Physiotherapist based in Ireland.

Scoliosis Symptoms, Treatments and Exercises.

Scoliosis is a common daily presentation in my practice.

However - what are the different types and symptoms of Scoliosis? What are the most effective scoliosis treatments? Is it necessary to resort to scolisis surgery?

Are there effective exercises to correct scoliosis? Do exercise disciplines such as Yoga or Pilates work? How effective are support mechanisms such as a scoliosis brace?

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In this section, we will look at these and many more questions - based on my observations within my own practice as well as my personal experience with scoliosis.

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Lumbar Scoliosis »

Lumbar Scoliosis

Lumbar Scoliosis is either congenital or idiopathic. This article looks at the two causes and what can be done to improve the condition. Expert advice from a Chartered Physiotherapist.

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Mild Scoliosis »

Mild Scoliosis

A mild scoliosis is a small deviation or twist in your spine at some level - often so small it is only visible to a trained eye or x-ray examination. The good news is they are usually not a serious…

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Scoliosis and Back Pain »

Scoliosis and Back Pain

Back pain is often associated with scoliosis. This is due to the movement and weight transference of pressure through your spine being altered by scoliosis. Tissues and bones can get over stressed in scoliosis causing pain and disability.

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Scoliosis in Children »

Scoliolis in Children

Scoliosis in children is the most common form of idiopathic scoliosis. Early detection and intervention will help the overall management of the condition.

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Scoliosis Treatment »

Scoliosis Treatments

Scoliosis treatments - what are they and how do they work? (or DO they work, even!).

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What is Scoliosis »

Scoliosis is a deviation in the spine that should not be there. It can be temporary or permanent. It can be treated both surgically and/or manually. Ultimately each case requires individual detailed assessment to ensure the correct scoliosis treatment.

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Yoga for Scoliosis »

Advice on whether Yoga can help with Scoliosis. In short, yoga can help, but it is more important to seek out an expert who can properly diagnose your condition and prescribe specific exercises as part of an overall management program.

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